CrAwFiSh BoiL Sponsorship    
I am filled with gratitude that friends make this party what it has become.  It stopped being my party many years ago as so many beautiful souls make this gathering as special as it has become.  THANK YOUThis Boil Party's primary goal is to be fun, to celebrate our community, to remind ourselves that stranger are just friends we have not met yet and that we should treat everyone as if we were family unless they give us a reason not to.  A lesson I learned from the people of NOLA.
This said,
we also fund three charities "Hope 4 Hopetown" with cash, "Hallandale Food Pantry" with food donations, and "Covenant House" with Shoes.

Well into our second decade of BoiL I often get asked, "can I buy a keg for the boil?"  
The answer is yes and THANK YOU for considering this!  Many generous souls make this an outstanding grass roots, party with a purpose.  Bob Gray and his family took over the expense of the CrAwFiSh many years ago, Thank you Gray's

The party runs on "Friends of the
CrAwFiSh bOiL" generously spirited revelers.  It takes 200 lbs of
NOLA Crawfish, 200 lbs of chicken, dogs, burgers plus 10 gallons of Bob Gray's magical Gumbo
Then there is the craft beer 8 kegs worth.  Some of the cost is offset by some of the friends
but this is a multiple thousand dollar effort and any generosity is greatly appreciated.  Please
Donate at a level that is mindful of your comfort, for reference a full keg ~ $ 160.00, a smaller
keg is ~ $ 90.00, any contribution shows your support and is greatly appreciated.

I've got a paypal account tied to
but USPS always works too;

Mark Lavallee

515 S. Highland Dr.
Hollywood, FL 33021