Outstanding Boil Friends

All that attend the BoiL are what makes this event so wonderful.  Thank you to all who bring your contributions for our community, shoes, food and monetary gifts that have over the years accumulated to tens of thousands of dollars.  You are what makes the BoiL great! This said, there are a select few that contribute in truly herculean ways.  Please give a personal thank you (and kiss) if you get to talk with them at the BoiL this year.  

Bob Gray; 10 gallons of the best authentic Gumbo, funds all of 200 lbs of crawfish, clean up party first to arrive
Ibanze Family; Makes Rainbow Drive cut home through available, sidewalk chalk art mural, best neighbors !
Joseph Mercogliano; provides gear, multiple days of effort, Cooks all the food with Jonathan Sulak, Please kiss the cooks !
Jonathan Sualk;
provides gear, multiple days of effort, Cooks all the food with Joseph Mercogliano, Please kiss the cooks !
Chuck Mercucio; Mastermind planner, BoiL consultant, tireless builder / worker, takes the best photographs during the event, provides gear
Starr Davis; Tireless helper, organizer of the hopelessly disorganized, takes multiple days off from work to help, and
donated a BoiL refrigerator
Mom Lavallee; works tirelessly to clean up and make ready all spaces, bathroom cleaner, Sunday breakfast chef
Robin Terrill; Original BoiL cook for about 20 years, still is on the staff!  Thank you Robin !!!
"NIGHT COURT" The hardest working band in rock n roll  Mel Weinberg, Mike Gelety, Mike Gelety Jr. , Todd Narson and Hal Glatzer

This BoiL belongs to all of us who come and who come and help THANK YOU ALL! !!!

Bob Gray, Jonathan Sulak, Joseph Mercogliano Jeff Sandler Starr Davis
Chuck Mercucio Ibanez Family Jon Sulak
Robin Terrill Ssuan Lavallee Night Court Band