15th Annual POSTPONED  CrAwF1Sh BoiL
ATTENTION:  It has become overwhelmingly clear that The CrAwFiSh BoiL can only be a friend to our patrons and to our community if we postpone our 15th annual BoiL until after this unprecedented (in our lifetimes) pandemic.  In order to be part of the solution and to protect our friends and loved ones the BoiL this year will be postponed.  We plan to reschedule it to the near future, please stay tuned for updates, we have procured the beer, now we just need to have an all clear and we will be letting the good times roll once again!   Thank you for your understanding. 

When:             ?????????????????? 2020, 4:00 PM - - >

Where:           Click Here for Directions  500 SOUTH Rainbow Drive, Hollywood Florida, 33021

Who:               Friends of the  C r A w F i S h   B o i L

What:              15th Annual C r A w F i S h   BoiL This event is not all about eating crawfish, it's about Fun with Friends, SHOTSKI 3000, Dancing, Live Music, Kriod the Crawfish, Partying with a Purpose, BEER TOWER 3000Kissing,  Singing,  Cold Draft Beer, Flirting,  Shenanigans,  Wheelbarrow  Rides,  POPCORN 3000, Connected Community and The Good Times! Lots of NON-CrAwFiSh Food, Some Vegetarian Friendly Foods, Cold Beer, Lemonade, and Water.

What to Bring:  In true Parrot Head form we are partying with a purpose.  You can bring used shoes and or a non perishable food items for our local food bank Feeding South Florida and or a $ contribution to the Hope 4 Hopetown  Our dear freind Dick Paris one of the Boil's biggest supporters championed used shoes for souls, This year we will donate to Covneantant House   and If you love to share your cooking skills, we could use dessert or a veggie oriented dish.  
Also BYOB if you prefer other than BEER, lemonade, tea, water, crawfish, hot dogs, chicken, burgers, gumbo or  If you have different dietary needs, please bring what you like.  

The BoiL is a grassroots effort, that exists because friends of the crawfish boil work hard to make this event special.  It stopped being "Mark's CrAwFiSh BoiL" many years ago.  The volume of revelers exceeds the capacity so If you would like to invite friends, please call me first my cell phone # is 954 214 7444.  If you would like to be part of the grass roots set up and break down party you can email me or call... I can't wait !!!  mark.lavallee@advantage-com.com 

This event is a grass roots effort that has grown substantially from the first annual house party in 1985.  Grass roots means that friends of the boil contribute in truly impressive ways, some travel cross country to attend, some take off work for a couple of days to volunteer setting up / break down, some build massive stage hardware and transport event gear, others provide 1,000+ lbs of Ice, some volunteer for the set up and or break down of the event gear, others have provided a big top tent.  Our musician friends " NIGHT COURT Band"are truly playing for gumbo, please thank them !  When they play the boil it is for their love of the event!  This is where I get to say THANK YOU to all the past, present and future volunteers.  I clearly know the BOILS would not be possible without your love and support.  THANKS AGAIN !  !  !  !   

Important: This event places some stresses on the local neighborhood.  Its about 4 times larger than there is room for.  Please follow parking advice, it is important to our success and future Boils.  If you would like to bring friends please call me first to discuss (954 214 7444),  
To fit all our guests in my small neighborhood, please follow this parking advice @  Click Here for Directions

This is your party, be PROUD of your history over the years we've collected thousands of pounds of food for the food bank, thousands of dollars for our friends in need,  always partying with a purpose in mind !  Thank you 

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